Making a Space Crusade Dreadnought

My plans for this shiny new edition are to have a small warband of a new chaos (old, actually) warband. Inspired by the Rogue Trader old chaos renegades and the game that hooked me up into the 40k setting: Space Crusade.

I want biomechanical, gigeresque chaos space marines band and a rescaled version of the first batch of the Space Crusade dreadnought (I own 2, but they are too small to be used as forgefiends!). A big problem is that all of the marines now look like manlets compared to the new DG/Primarines, so if I took the hard way, everyone will need to be artscale.

Concept art for the Brotherhood of Abomination:

Chaos Space Marine

Mk VII Dreadnought Malefactor class

I thought that I’ll never will have a re-scaled dread to be used as Forgefiend/Chaos Deredeo, because even if I have a couple of the originals, they’re too small for that. Even looked prices of 3D scanners to make the files and rescale him up, but all of that was too expensive. That is, until I found that filthy xenotech in my bitz box (which I planned to use to make an Akira style, Steppenwolf chaos bike:


For it to be made, sacrifices had to be done (to the Chaos Gods). The unfortunate victims are listed below.

Leviathan Siege Dread

Imperial Sentinel

Chaos Defiler

Plastic Contemptor Dread

Among other minor stuff.

First, I started with the legs, using the Leviathan ones and the Sentinel’s, to make it to look as close as possible to the original.

That was kite a bit of work to be honest, really more difficult than I thought. Here’s the first mock-up:

He’s got the look, or pretty close. But I wasn’t happy with the first chassis so I decided to start again. This is going to be serious business and not an easy walk.

Building the chassis

Once discarded the first one, it took me a couple of hours to figure out how continue with it, and to add the main guns mounts. The answer was in the form of the Contemptor’s body, which would give him the main gun mounts without looking out of place. Also used the Leviathan’s exhausts and a little piece of the main body (internal canopy?).

And a fit test is in order.

I’m really happy with the results so far! Let’s see how the beast looks together ^_^

Looking good? :D

Now I need to work on the rear engine and how to close that fucking gap in the upper hull! Lots of work to do yet.


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