Black Shields Raiding Force


Nemean Reaver – 180 (with Marauder Squad Alpha)


Cortus dreadnought “Daredevil” (Plasma cannon, Kheres assault cannon) – 160


Marauder Squad Alpha x10 (shotgun x8, PW x2, c-melta, MB, LC) – 256 (in Stormeagle)
Marauder Squad Bravo x10 (shotgun x8, deathlock x2, c-melta, MB) – 224 (Deepstrike)
Reccon Squad Sierra x5 (scout armor, camaleonine, sniper rifle x5) – 175 (Infiltrate)
Support Squad Fox x5 (pariah flamer x5) – 100 (Deepstrike)


Stormeagle “Black Sky” – 210
Primaris lightling “Endless Night” (4 Kraken Missiles, Phosphex bombs, Ground-tracking Auguries) – 220
Jetbike Skyhunter Squad Echo x6 (Plasma cannon x2) – 270


Fireraptor “Stormbringer” – 200




Trying to represent a light raiding force without any ground vehicles. If I did well, that’s 1995 points. Thoughts?


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